Saygin Yalcin , the founder of has just announced the launched of in the region of Dubai . The objectives of is the same as that is to sell your property within 30 minutes .

The aims of this website is to change the way people buy and sell their property . Saygin is confident that this website will succeed in  the shortening and simplify the sales of houses . The team  have also launched an Arabic version of the website to make it more user friendly for Dubai people .

To sell properties , the seller need to enter general informations about the property such as location , numbers of room , number of kitchens and so-on . Then one of the consultant of will visit the property and will take pictures of the house .

After visiting  the seller house , all the informations along with the pictures will be uploaded onto the website and the apps of . Then a formal binding offers is generated for the seller within 30 minutes window . Once the offers is accepted , the team will work along to ensure the transfer is smooth .

The CEO and co-founder of this site is Omar Chihane .Selling and buying cannot get more easier with , said Omar . However is only available in some countries like Dubai , Saudi Arabia , Kuwait and India only . The founder is  looking forward to expand the business worldwide .Omar Chihane hopes that his new concept,, will revolutionise the way properties are bought and sold in the UAE and turn the property market into more of a stock market.We have a seller-first mentality,” says Mr Chihane. Their job is to ensure that they get a price which acceptable. We let market forces take flight and we are rooting for the sellers to get the highest possible commission.

The main benefit for the seller is to keep strangers out of their home, he says. Once an offer is accepted, the normal sales process kicks in to pay off any mortgage, generate all necessary no objection letters and transfer the property registration, “hand held” by
It should also accelerate the sales of properties at an acceptable price  on the part of estate agents and sellers.
Whether becomes the first best online  platform to sell property in the future .

Credit : BI

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