The Travel and Tourism Industry in Mauritius

Travel and Tourism , said to be a dynamic industry , is the whole picture of people traveling away from their usual environment for at least 24 hours but less than one year for other business , or for leisure or visiting friends and relatives. In the past , Mauritius was too dependent on the primary sector , that is , the sugar industry. However , when the price of sugar fell , the Tourism industry saved the Mauritian economy. Someone who has completed his Travel and Tourism studies will have various jobs at his disposal , such as, bar man , waiter , public relations officer , chef , receptionist , human resource manager , tour guides , tour operators , travel agents amongst others , including jobs in cruise ships.

In the Travel and Tourism industry , no errors are allowed as errors committed by the employees can tarnish the image of the organizations where they work. due to this reason , workers are being trained and taught how to deal with costumers complaints before being sent on the field . Working in the Travel and Tourism industry is indeed working in a pleasant atmosphere , whereby everyone is   always welcomed with a smile on the face , being properly dressed and where communication is effective. It is an industry where everyone behaves in a friendly way towards each other. Furthermore , workers are being promoted very quickly , within 2 or 3 years in this sector. 

Acting like a boon to tho economy of Mauritius , Travel and Tourism industry has led Mauritius to be developed in a spiraled way. Since this industry has been introduced in Mauritius , our country's infrastructure has improved , as well as our balance of payments. Arrival of tourists has also given the local population the opportunity  to learn other cultures , new languages and different lifestyles. With a more educated population and an improved standard  of living , Mauritius is better off compared to other developing countries. 

Unlike other sectors , the Travel and tourism industry will always generate revenue as it is not an industry which bankrupt now but has rather a great future . Due to this industry , there  has been a lot of sites which have been preserved by the UNESCO , making them  become a World Heritage Site  
, such as 'Le Morne ' mountain , found in the south west of Mauritius. 

It cannot be denied that besides bringing positive impacts , this industry has also some negative impacts . However , with the introduction of specialised  tourism , that is Eco -tourism , sustainable development is being aimed at . Since those tourists are responsible travellers , they know what impacts they might cause  by tourists will be minimised to such a level that we will feel it has been totally eliminated.Travel and tourism will be for long the saviour of the Republic of Mauritius - an industry which is the pride of a nation. 

Credit: BI